Absentee Ballot Deadline for the April 7, 2020 Election

The United States Supreme Court also issued a decision minutes ago.  They have ruled on the deadline for absentee ballots.

Under this ruling, in order for an absentee ballot to be counted it must be postmarked by April 7 and received by 4:00pm on April 13th or hand delivered to the polls by 8:00 pm on Election Day, April 7.   Ballots postmarked after April 7 or hand delivered after 8:00pm on April 7 cannot be counted. Here is the ruling: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6826732-19A1016.html

April 7, 2020 Election

Online Voter Registration Extended Until March 30, 2020

I urge everyone to vote absentee to keep yourself safe as well as our election workers. Absentee voting is open online until April 2 and can be done through www.myvote.wi.gov If you are registered at your polling place already all you need to do is go to the website to request an absentee. If you have not voted absentee with your current municipality, make sure that you are uploading a picture of what you typically would show your poll worker for a photo ID –  please note, this does need to be an “acceptable photo id” – see pdf attached. Instructions on how to vote through the my vote system can be found on Waupaca County website on the election page. Also, here is the link to the various voter deadlines: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/VoterDeadlines

If you do not have the ability to take a picture and go online ask a trusted family member, neighbor or church member to help you through the process. It can take only a couple of minutes, while still maintaining social distancing.

Please request as soon as possible to allow enough time for your ballot to be mailed to you and returned by mail to your clerk.

There are other options for requesting absentee ballots, and for registering to vote. Please contact your municipal clerk or the County Clerks office for those options. Municipal clerks names and contact information can be found on the county’s website under residence and directory of public officials.www.myvote.wi.gov